Asset Management

Tracking your assets such as trailers, generators and various forms of plant equipment is essential for many businesses to ensure they are safe when they are left unattended.

The loss of essential equipment can have a massive impact upon your business, particularly if you have time-sensitive contracts under-way as the project either gets held-up or you are saddled with the cost of replacing or hiring machinery to stay on track.

Do I Need Trackers For My Assets?

Tens of millions of pounds worth of machinery and equipment are stolen from the construction and agriculture industries every year in the UK. With even the smallest of plant machinery worth thousands of pounds, construction sites and farms are seen as rich pickings by criminals. Recovery rates for stolen plant machinery are very low as there is high demand for it on the black market, with the majority of recoveries coming as a result of tracking systems being fitted.

Criminals exploit the busy nature of building sites to make opportunist thefts posing as labourers or contractors and take advantage of farms being secluded and quiet to raid their premises during the night.

To ensure the safety of your equipment you should be fitting a quality tracking system that will allow you to find and recover stolen goods.


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