Initial Consultation

A consultation will be arranged at a time that is convenient for you, either a telephone consultation or a face-to-face is possible, complete with a software walk-through to give you an idea of the functionality of the system.

Detailed & Tailored Proposal

Once we have collectively gathered all the information regarding your fleet and how you want it to operate we will then create a bespoke quote tailored to your requirements.

Equipment Fitted

The fitting process is simple and straight forward, our team of qualified and certified engineers will visit your site to fit all of your hardware with each vehicle installation lasting no more than 40 minutes. All of our engineers go through comprehensive training programmes for each and every product to ensure their proficiency and safety.


Online Immediately

All of your new equipment will be active straight away to minimise the time you have to wait before you can take advantage of the many benefits it affords you.



Within 48 hours we will arrange comprehensive system training to ensure you have a complete understanding of its functionality and can utilise it to its full potential. This training can be provided on site or via telephone, which ever your preference.


Ongoing Support

We're happy to answer customer questions, our team are always just a phone-call away. Any unlikely challenges relating to the hardware, software or installation of our systems will be addressed without charge for the duration of a rental or up to 12 months in the case of a purchase.

What Our Customers Say

We have found that Veetrack GPS are excellent at what they do, we have been able to track our vehicles in the UK and Europe to an accuracy of less than 1 yard which is very re-assurring. The Technology Veetrack GPS provided us has definitely paid dividends for us and has also helped enhance day to day working relations with our drivers.

We recently had a further consultation with Veetrack GPS and decided to sign with them for a further period. They have now installed new units to all our vehicles offering us better mapping and even more facilities than we previously had
— Archie Purdie (Director) Matt Purdie & Sons Ltd
Veetrack GPS delivered on their promise to Galt transport Ltd and provided us with a system that not only tracks our vehicles but does so in real time.

The ability to communicate with our drivers and receive responses from them without the need to pick up a phone has been a total success as we no longer require for the driver to stop what he is doing to answer a phone or more importantly answer calls whilst driving. We have been able to reduce fuel usage by reducing idle times and increased productivity through tighter management and control of our assets.

Veetrack GPS engineers installed all the units and ensured everything was operational whilst our account manager delivered onsite training and continues to provide us with a responsive 1st class service.
— Simon Foy (Business Manager) Galt Transport Ltd