Construction & Earth Moving Fleet Management

Our software is perfectly suited for managing complex machinery in dangerous environments such as earth moving and construction. Our deep understanding of your sector has led us to develop solutions that help you tackle rises in fuel costs and wages, while at the same time adhere to new legislation and meet market pressures by raising productivity and lowering costs.

Helping you operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability our construction expertise means we can help you overcome your day-to-day challenges, as well as make the most of new opportunities.

Features available include:

  • Engine protection
  • Operator breathalyser testing
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Proximity warnings

How Can Our Fleet Management System Help You?

Fuel & Operational Costs

Rising fuel prices is putting those working in the construction industry under huge financial pressure. Using heavy plant and machinery is an integral part of the work you carry out, the costs associated with running these vehicles are becoming increasingly harder to manage.

Veetrack are committed to helping you to minimise your fuel consumption and lower your overall running costs for your fleet, which is why we have created a system that will monitor all elements of your vehicles and drivers efficiency.

Our systems can help you identify whether you are running more vehicles than are required and if each vehicle is running efficiently. The systems give you ability to monitor your fleet accurately and identify specific areas that require improvement, allowing you to take effective and targeted action.

Duty of Care

High risk working environments are more common in the construction industry, and as such you have to work hard to ensure your workforce are kept as safe as possible in order to adhere to legislation that holds you responsible.

Veetrack have developed systems that alert you in real-time to any potentially dangerous circumstances arising, such as equipment being used with associated safety measures having been put in place.

Workforce Activity

Keeping track of the activity of your workforce is often of huge importance in order to display compliance with service level agreements. Veetrack have worked hard to develop systems that will give you access to a birds-eye view of your site and document the precise activity history of all of your vehicles. This arms you with an archive of your entire workforces activity that allows you to provide proof of work being carried out and ensure you meet contractual obligations every time.


  • We seek to build a strong, lasting relationship you by providing a tailored solution that works perfectly for your requirements.
  • Our team are available at all times to provide ongoing support and answer any questions you have.
  • We have developed our hardware and software specifically for one another so they understand each other and very well offering a very robust and stable system that has been developed with you the end user in mind.
  • Research and development is an ongoing process and we continue to invest in the very best hardware and software technology in order to always deliver robustness and superior mapping & software. Veetrack offer, ongoing software updates at no extra cost to keep your system up-to-date; this is done over the airwaves so no intrusion or disruption to your business whilst we update and enhance your system.