Logistics Fleet Management

Veetrack's advanced vehicle tracking systems come complete with software that has a comprehensive range of features designed specifically to make fleet managers lives easier.

Our systems feature all that you would expect from the most advanced vehicle tracking systems and more, including:

  • Speed reporting
  • Location management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Driver behaviour management
  • Integrated fleet maintenance software
  • Driver management
  • User defined 'geofencing'
  • User defined notifications

How Can vehicle Tracking Systems Help You?

We understand that operating a small or large fleet is equally challenging on a daily basis. Utilising our experience in working with a variety of companies across a broad range of industries we have developed tailored solutions that help you to address and quickly remedy concerns. These concerns may include; sharp increases in fuel costs, productivity and KPI levels whilst adhering to current and new legislation.

Veetrack supplies you with the tools that will empower you to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. We achieve this by giving you back administrative time, helping you easily understand how and when your vehicles, personnel and assets are being used and if they can be further optimised.

Fuel Costs

The logistics sector is hit harder than most by the rising price of fuel. Using a high volume of fuel is unavoidable in this sector, but seeking to minimise any needless waste can be an effective way to make big savings rather than simply accepting the inevitability of huge fuel bills.

Our systems are designed with maximising your fleet's fuel efficiency in mind. They monitor how many drivers you have on the road, whether your driver's routes are the most efficient and whether your vehicles are being driven for optimal efficiency. 


Keeping your team safe, exercising safe work practices and operating within the existing legislation is essential in the modern logistics industry. Failing to do so can result in penalties for your business and pose unnecessary risks to your staff.

Our systems will assist you in fulfilling your duty of care and maintain operational efficiency. The systems we have developed will closely monitor each driver's working hours in order to alert you to any individual that is approaching the threshold that would result in breaking the law.

Minimising Administration

Administration can be a huge burden on any type of business and logistics is no different. Our understanding of this has inspired us to develop systems that cut down on time consuming paperwork and allow you to focus on maximising your business profitability and streamline your cash-flow.

Being able to readily provide your customer base with clear and accurate documentation results in a minimisation of invoice enquiries and quickly provide proof of delivery upon request. Being able to focus on your business rather than getting bogged down in paperwork is invaluable. 

Why Choose Veetrack?

  • We seek to build a strong, lasting relationship you by providing a tailored solution that works perfectly for your requirements.
  • Our team are available at all times to provide ongoing support and answer any questions you have.
  • We have developed our hardware and software specifically for one another so they understand each other and very well offering a very robust and stable system that has been developed with you the end user in mind.
  • Research and development is an ongoing process and we continue to invest in the very best hardware and software technology in order to always deliver robustness and superior mapping & software. Veetrack offer, ongoing software updates at no extra cost to keep your system up-to-date; this is done over the airwaves so no intrusion or disruption to your business whilst we update and enhance your system.