• Driver ID - each driver has a unique ID key required for each journey and each vehicle has a key reader to be used on each journey.

  • Instant workforce visibility, you where all of your workforce is at any given time.

  • Keep track of maintenance schedules for all the vehicles in your fleet with alerts for MOT, insurance, tax and servicing due dates.

  • Have proof of delivery instantly on hand in order to address any customer queries regarding deliveries.

  • Accurately record how many hours each driver has worked and monitor the accuracy of overtime claims.

  • No more time-consuming manual mileage sheets with our automatic mileage report system.

  • View each vehicle's work timeline from point A to point B.

  • Set up 'geofences' at specific locations that your drivers will be checking in and out of so their arrival and departure is automatically recorded.

  • Set up real-time alerts from vehicles to monitor unwanted driving behaviour.