Passenger Transport Fleet Management

Passenger transport operators face unique challenges in addition to the normal fleet management responsibilities.

There are a raft of statutory obligations imposed by the government, and the market demands high levels of safety, which require careful monitoring.

How Will Vehicle Fleet Management Help You?

With Veetrack's vehicle tracking systems, your fleet will never be out of sight. Thanks to our on-line tracking solutions, you can make the most of this complete visibility and access to data, which will allow you to:

Vehicle Monitoring

  • Vehicle maintenance, license and insurance reminders
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Speed monitoring
  • Geofencing allows you to see when a vehicle has entered or left a certain zone or route.
  • View the exact location of your entire fleet with on-line mapping
  • Full journey history for vehicles gives you with a detailed trail, allowing you to easily identify and query any unexpected journeys.
  • Reduce idling time - automatic live alerts of vehicles which exceed pre-determined idling time limits, cutting fuel costs.
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions - record fuel purchases and link these to the actual mileage driven by the vehicle in your fleet.

Driver Management

  • Driver medical monitoring and license renewals management
  • Driver performance rating, against a set of user determined parameters - identify employees that may require additional training.
  • Driver service hours - monitor the length of each drivers working day or week to stay compliant with guidelines.
  • Monitor driver rest stops to ensure drivers are taking breaks on long trips.
  • Speeding - our system shows lapses and highlights repeat offenders for the safety of drivers and the general public.


  • Quickly locate the nearest appropriate vehicle for each job in order to improve response times and reduce unnecessary mileage.
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime costs by maximising driver productivity each day through effective monitoring and organisation.
  • Utilise route creation to assign routes for drivers before they set off.


  • We seek to build a strong, lasting relationship you by providing a tailored solution that works perfectly for your requirements.
  • Our team are available at all times to provide ongoing support and answer any questions you have.
  • We have developed our hardware and software specifically for one another so they understand each other and very well offering a very robust and stable system that has been developed with you the end user in mind.
  • Research and development is an ongoing process and we continue to invest in the very best hardware and software technology in order to always deliver robustness and superior mapping & software. Veetrack offer, ongoing software updates at no extra cost to keep your system up-to-date; this is done over the airwaves so no intrusion or disruption to your business whilst we update and enhance your system.