Personal Vehicle Tracking scotland

Personal Car Tracking is the most effective way to protect your personal vehicle from thieves as well as reducing your vehicle insurance premiums, saving you money.

Vehicle tracking devices can be used on cars, motorcycles or caravans to protect your property and ensure they can be recovered quickly if they are stolen.

Why Fit a Vehicle Tracker?

  • Allows the police to accurately track your vehicle to find it quickly with real-time tracking

  • There's nowhere to hide, trackers work even if your vehicle is in a container, a lock-up or underground car-park

  • Lower your insurance premiums with a tracker, making them a sound investment

  • Remotely disable your vehicle if it has been stolen, with the press of a button it can no longer be driven by the thief

  • Sound the horn on your vehicle from your PC, tablet or smartphone to alert those nearby that something is not right and will often result in the vehicle being abandoned.


  • We seek to build a strong, lasting relationship you by providing a tailored solution that works perfectly for your requirements.

  • Our team are available at all times to provide ongoing support and answer any questions you have.

  • We have developed our hardware and software specifically for one another so they understand each other and very well offering a very robust and stable system that has been developed with you the end user in mind.

  • Research and development is an ongoing process and we continue to invest in the very best hardware and software technology in order to always deliver robustness and superior mapping & software. Veetrack offer, ongoing software updates at no extra cost to keep your system up-to-date; this is done over the airwaves so no intrusion or disruption to you whilst we update and enhance your system.